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For a better 2020 | Pm Imran khan | Khabarzar

For a better 2020 | Pm Imran khan | Khabarzar

The Prime Minister recently said that he thinks 2020 will be an incredibly productive year and things will turn around. I hope he is right. It is often hard to predict economic outcomes — especially with so much chaos in and around the corridors of power. Yet, there are things that the PM and his government can do — things well within his power — that will certainly be welcomed by many who look up to him and his Office.

First, remember you have a contract with the people who elected you. Many, including those in my close circle, supported the party and worked tirelessly for the cause because of promises that were made. Remembering your promise, and keeping your word is not only the right thing to do, it is also a guaranteed way to bring back many who are now disillusioned and doubtful of real reform. I can think of many examples where previous promises have been disregarded (on the domestic and foreign fronts), but even the relatively benign one — to ask the Minister of Railways to step aside while an inquiry takes place for an accident — should be kept. The list of broken promises is long and sad. A promise with the electorate is a contract. Ignoring it and arrogantly arguing that all great leaders do the same is not just unworthy of a leader, but also insulting to the feelings and desires of those who had high hopes for a better tomorrow.

Second, the country and its institutions need people who are respected by the stakeholders. I am yet to meet a scientist — in any field of science, at any university, in any province — who genuinely thinks highly of the current Minister of Science. Those studying the environment and climate change find the statements of the minister embarrassing and her appointment utterly unacceptable. What does the Minister of Water Resources know about water? The recent appointment of the head of Red Crescent Society is equally troubling. In a country with well over 200 million people, there are plenty of highly qualified people with excellent reputation across party lines, a remarkable work ethic and the decency to do their job with integrity. The slogan about merit is a catchy one, but it would have so much more weight if it was followed by real appointments.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a more dignified rhetoric — one not based on taunts and below the belt attacks — is desperately needed. We are better than this. Statements that make fun of anyone, tone that mocks an accent or a disease, or language that is highly unprofessional should be a red line. The PM has to take a stand on this, and make his entire team fall in line. We need disciplined leadership with strong principles of respect, not loose cannons firing in all directions every evening. Political and personal differences aside, the elected leaders have to respect the office that they hold and set a precedent based on fundamental decency and human respect. Matters of corruption should be handled by courts, not through the language of street fighters.

I hope that the PM and the government realise that there are tens of millions who wish him well and desperately want to see him succeed and deliver on his promises. These people, including many in my own circle are now getting disillusioned by repeated broken promises, cronyism and lack of dignity in the Office. These people are not going to be swayed by “the others did it too” argument. They voted to bring a real change and a better future, not a government that makes them long for the past. If 2020 is to be a year of change, let that change start from within.

Published in Khabarzar, December 31st, 2019.

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